How to Wear a Handkerchief in a Suit Pocket

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

There are many different ways to wear a handkerchief, or a pocket square, in your suit jacket pocket. The pocket square should coordinate with your tie and your dress shirt. While the pocket square mostly serves as a fashionable accoutrement to your suit, it can be functional in a pinch as well. The way you choose to fold and display the handkerchief or pocket square all depends on your style and what you think is appropriate to the occasion.

Consider the occasion. If you are wearing a suit for a formal occasion, you probably want to go with a bold colored silk handkerchief or square and a matching tie. If it is less formal or if you are simply wearing it for purpose of use, go with a cotton handkerchief in a neutral color or whatever color best suits your personality.

Place your handkerchief on a flat surface. Fold it into quarters, using a straight edge if you want to make the folds extra crisp.

Turn the handkerchief 45 degrees and fold it in half on the diagonal.

Fold it into thirds, tucking one point into the other. You may have to make a slight adjustment to the width to make it fit into the pocket correctly. Place it in the pocket with the point sticking out the top.