How to Wax Ear Hairs

How to Wax Ear Hairs. Waxing your ear hairs is generally not recommended, since wax can drip into the ear canal and cause hearing damage, and the skin on the outer edge of your ear can be extremely sensitive to heat. If you still wish to remove your ear hairs through waxing, proceed with caution.

Use a non-heated wax product that is designed to be used on sensitive areas. Heated wax, which you normally warm in your microwave, can reach too high a temperature and possibly burn the sensitive skin around the edge of your ear. Non-heated wax removal products often come in small sticks, which can provide a more precise application of wax on ear hairs.

Clean the exterior surface of your ears carefully with a washcloth and warm water. The wax and application cloths will not adhere as well to dirty ears. Let your ears dry completely before applying the wax.

Apply the non-heated wax to the outer edges of your ears, including the lobes, with the supplied application stick. Use the wax sparingly, since ear hairs tend to be fine and not deeply rooted. If you do use a heated wax, make sure it has cooled off somewhat before applying it to the outer edges of your ears.

Place the paper or cloth strips that came with the wax onto the edges of your ears. Press the strips firmly into the wax and smooth out any creases or edges that are not in contact with your skin. Keep the strips long and thin to conform to the shape of your outer ear.

Pull the strips away with a quick and clean motion. You will experience some pain while doing this, depending upon the amount of hair that is removed with each pass.

Repeat this procedure until all of the hair has been removed from the edge of your ears. You may be able to reapply the same strip two or three times in rapid succession, depending upon the amount of wax you use.

Clean your ears once more with warm water to remove any residual wax, and then use cool water to clean your ears and to close the skin pores and hair follicles.

Sooth the skin around your ears by applying aloe vera or vitamin E lotion to the waxed area, which will help to reduce irritation.

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