How to Wash Men's Dress Shirts

by Kendra Dahlstrom ; Updated September 28, 2017

A sharp looking dress shirt looks fabulous on any man. There is nothing more sophisticated than a crisp, white formal shirt on a professional business man. Learning how wash dress shirts is essential to caring for them properly. Correct washing and pressing techniques can make your dress shirt look much more spectacular. On the flip side, a poorly washed dress shirt looks very tacky. Men and women should always know how to wash dress shirts of any fit or fabric.

Search for stains before washing dress shirts. Common stain locations are on the collar, cuffs, right down the front or under the arms.

Rub your stain stick on located stains immediately, this is best done as soon as you discover a stain and again several minutes before washing dress shirts. The quicker you act on a stain, the better chance you will have of getting it to come out.

Turn your washing machine temperature dial to luke warm and soak your dress shirt for a few minutes. Use the gentle cycle when you wash dress shirts and any other high quality items.

Lay flat to dry or place in dryer with tumble dry no heat. This is to prevent the shirt from shrinking.

Press with steam iron to give that crisp, finished look. The steam will help protect the fabric.


  • Wash a new dress shirt before wearing to make the fabric softer and remove manufacturer chemicals.

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