How to Wash Dark Denim

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Washing dark denim with a regular washing routine may fade the color of the jeans. It is not necessary to wash your dark denim jeans after every use, although if you have stained your jeans you should wash them. You need to take extra care to keep the color dark, because dark denims tend to fade over time. Follow these easy steps and your jeans will look dark and new even after several washes.

Wear your dark denim as long as you possibly can without soiling it. Often airing your jeans is all you need.

Turn the jeans inside out. The inner side of the jeans will lose less color.

Set the washing machine to a cold wash cycle and use a detergent that is most effective in cold water. Check the label of the washing detergent for instructions on how much detergent you need to use.

Add half a cup of household vinegar to the washing machine. The vinegar will serve as a fabric softener and will also help set the colors.

Let the denim dry naturally without using a dryer. The dryer may damage the material and fade the color of your denim.