How to Use Your Wedding Dress as a Wall Decor

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For many woman, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. Most keep photos, gifts and other mementos to remind them of the special day. Virtually all of them keep their wedding dress. Some will save it to give to a daughter or other family member later for her wedding. Another use many have put their wedding dress to is as decor in their home. This way, it can serve as a constant reminder of the new life they embarked upon.

Choose the location in your home where you would like to display your wedding dress. An excellent choice would be your bedroom. Choose an area in the room that it not exposed to direct sunlight, as this might cause the material of the dress to fade over time.

Choose the method for display. While you could simply hang the dress on the wall from a hook, a more elegant approach would be to hang it inside a glass display case hanging on the wall. A third choice would be to display the dress on a tailor's dummy. This could stand anywhere in the room, a long as it is out of the sunlight.

Hang wedding photos and other mementos of your wedding day around the wedding dress display. Place your wedding shoes under the dress. Don't overdo it with these other items, since you want them to complement the displayed dress, not distract from it. Make sure that no papers with acid in them (such as a paper corsage) are touching the dress, since over time the acid from the paper could leach into the dress to cause fading and other damage.

Install a small recessed ceiling light above the display to provide a bit of illumination. This will help draw a visitor's eye to the dress.