How to Use Tomatillos

How to Use Tomatillos. Tomatillos are now thought to be the fruit mentioned in early Aztec writings, where scholars thought that they were reading about a tomato. Its tartness and hint of citrus can spice up any dish, even outside the realm of Mexican cuisine. It can be used in dishes from savory to sweet. Read on to learn how to use tomatillos.

Chop the tomatillo and create various salsas. The traditional tomato salsa can be enhanced with tomatillos, or you can make a green salsa by omitting the tomatoes altogether. Add avocado. For a sweeter salsa, mix the tomatillo with tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, peppers and eggplant to make a sweet salsa that can be use with pork, chicken or fish.

Puree the tomatillo into green sauces that can be used as a condiment for grilled meats instead of tomatoes. It can also be added to your marinades in place of tomatoes.

A sweetened tomatillo can be used in marmalades and jams. The fruit is in the same family as a gooseberry, so use in sweet recipes shouldn't seem like stretch. The lemony flavor is said to be enhanced when cooking, so the sky's the limit with the tomatillo in desserts, maybe even pie. An example is the traditional mock apple pie. Add some chopped tomatillos to crackers to enliven the faux dessert.

Use wherever the tomato traditional takes the spotlight to add a twist to your stews, meat dishes, and soups. Tomatillos are very versatile, and the flavor is actually enhanced when heated. A hint of lemon appears to compliment most savory dishes.