How to Use the Nail Wizard Buffer and Shaper

Nice hands on yellow towel. Soft manicure. image by Petro Feketa from

Keeping your nails in tiptop condition can be an absolute nightmare. The easiest way to maintain the best condition of your nails is by regularly treating them to a buffing and shaping session using a Nail Wizard tool. A Nail Wizard is an all-in-one tool designed to both file your nails into a beautiful almond shape while also buffing the surface to produce a gleaming, natural effect.

Wash your hands. The Nail Wizard has a series of different motorized attachments, and to make the best use of them, start with a clean canvas. Wash your hands in warm water and dry them thoroughly before starting.

Charge the Nail Wizard. Switch your Nail Wizard on to check that it has power. If it does not, insert two AA batteries into the battery compartment.

Select an attachment to use. There are three attachments for filing nails, and two for buffing. If you would like to simply shape your nails, choose the smallest attachment. If you have a significant amount of nail length which you would like removed, choose either the medium or the large nail file.

Begin using it by holding your hand out and running the shaping attachment lightly over the edge of the nail. Remove it once every few seconds to check on the shaping progress. Repeat this process for all of your nails until you have achieved the desired shape.

Remove the shaping attachment and replace it with the flat, circular buffer attachment. Switch the Nail Wizard back on again and run the buffer over the flat surface of your nails until you have achieved a nice gleam.

Wash your hands to remove the dusty residue, then slather on a moisturizing cream. A waxy cream is a good option to use on your cuticles to prevent them from drying out.