How to Use the Axxium Nail System

fingernail filing image by Jaroslav Machacek from

The Axxium Nail System is a soak-off gel lacquer made by OPI. The Axxium manicure can last for up to two weeks and features a simple brush-on application for overlays. The Axxium overlay manicure differs from ordinary nail polishes that chip quickly and frequently from everyday wear and tear. Best of all, with the proper items and products, the Axxium Nail System can be used at home.

Remove nail polish from your fingernails, cut cuticles and push them back with an orange wood stick, and file and shape your nails.

Cleanse fingernails with N.A.S. 99, then apply BondAid pH to the entire nail surface. Both N.A.S. 99 and BondAid pH come with the Axxium Nail System kit.

Apply the Axxium gel base from the Axxium Nail System kit on your nails. Cure the gel by placing your nails under an UV gel lamp or dryer for one minute.

Apply the Axxium clear sculpting gel onto your nails. The sculpting gel should be applied heavier toward the tip of the nail for extra strength and durability.

Place your fingernails under the UV lamp or dryer for five minutes to let the gel dry completely.

Cleanse your nails again with the N.A.S. 99 product.

File and shape your nails for a smooth, neat finish.