How to Use Several Candy Bars for Birthday Greeting

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Most people enjoy getting candy for their birthday, so creating a birthday greeting out of candy bars is like giving two presents in one. Constructing a small poster featuring the person's age in candy bars is one way to incorporate candy bars into your birthday greeting, though they can also be used to spell out "Happy Birthday" or other wishes if desired. Make the poster to glue the candy bars on as simple or as elaborate as you wish, such as covering cardboard with various scraps of wallpaper.

Cover a large piece of cardboard in construction paper, doilies, wallpaper scraps, or other decorative paper to create a poster of sorts.

Draw "Happy Birthday!" at the top of the poster. You can also cut out lettering from construction paper to spell out birthday wishes or use another method of writing "Happy Birthday." Below the "Happy Birthday" draw the word "You're."

Glue candy bars spelling out the person's age below the word "You're." Use regular-sized candy bars, fun-size bars, round candy bars and king-size bars to write the person's age.