How to use Papaya for skin

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Papaya has been labeled as the ultimate food for skin and digestive health.Rich in Vitamins,it can do wonders if you believe in this great fruit.Here are some ways and uses of papaya.

Digestion and acne:It is said that the root cause of all health issues and especially acne is due to poor digestion.The toxins in the body that remain inside generate all kinds of harmful diseases and infections.If your teenagers are suffering from acne,treat them with a salad of papaya.Have half a papaya daily.All your digestion problems,constipation and gas will vanish.It will clear up your skin as well.

Beauty treatment:Mash 2 slices of papaya and add a tsp of honey to it.Apply liberally all over your face.Let it dry and wash with plain water.This is wonderful for treating acne and oily skin.If you want to skip honey,just mash papaya and apply.That will work too if you have oily skin.

Anti-aging and skin lightening fruit:Papaya contains enzymes called Papain that lightens the skin and blemishes.It also has Vitamin A and E that will prevent wrinkles,tighten the pores and make your skin soft and looking young.