How to Use Coconut Oil in Hair


0:00 hi I'm Lizbeth Muller and I'm a

0:02 professional hair stylist with Liz's

0:04 Hair Design calm in this clip I'm going

0:07 to show you how to use coconut oil and

0:08 hair you need coconut oil so the first

0:12 thing you want to do is get a good

0:13 coconut oil this coconut oil comes in a

0:17 kind of like it's more solid there

0:20 coconut oils out there that were

0:21 liquidly

0:22 and that I just glossy like and I would

0:25 just put it in my hair or in the

0:27 customers hair it's one of the few

0:29 things that penetrate the cuticle

0:32 coconut oil it is known to penetrate the

0:34 cuticle good companies like for me to

0:35 use it in their hair color but I'm using

0:38 it here today just very little bit up a

0:40 hair so what I did is I dabbed a little

0:42 bit of my fingers I didn't take too much

0:44 just a little bit and I put it in

0:46 between my fingers and I added it into

0:48 her hair strand and as she feels like

0:50 you can put a little bit in the scalp if

0:52 it's dry so basically it's just placing

0:55 that the cream or the oil itself and

0:58 putting it through the hair running your

1:00 fingers to it taking a small amount and

1:03 rubbing in on the ends of the hair also

1:05 and that's how you use a little bit of

1:07 coconut oil in the hair this has been

1:09 Lizbeth Muller thank you for watching