How to Use Coconut Oil for Dry Hair

coconut image by William Berry from

Coconut oil is a natural oil suitable for skin or hair. It is exceptionally moisturizing and may even prevent split ends and other signs of damaged, dry hair. Look for pure coconut oil in health food shops--this shouldn’t contain other unnecessary additives that might be in other hair formulas. Using coconut oil for your hair is a very simple procedure and a little of the oil goes a long way.

Shampoo your hair and pat it gently with a towel to get off some moisture. Coconut oil works best if applied to clean, wet hair.

Apply a dime or quarter-sized amount of coconut oil to your fingertips, depending on the length of your hair. If the oil is partly solid (due to low temperatures), it will start melting in your hand. Rub fingertips of both hands together to spread the oil around a little.

Rub the oil into damaged, dry areas of your hair first. For most people, this will be the ends of the hair, which tend to get dry and brittle first. Be gentle when rubbing in the in so you don’t end up damaging the hair more.

Spread the rest of the oil on your hands through your hair as evenly as you can. You should avoid the scalp area and roots unless you have a very dry scalp. Applying oil to the roots can make hair look greasy.

Apply the same amount again if you feel your hair needs more oil. It’s better to apply the oil in small increments so you don’t accidentally get too much in your hair. Over-applying requires re-washing and starting all over. When you are finished, comb your hair with a wide tooth comb, and just let you hair air dry.