How to Use a Santoku Knife


0:01 LAURA BANFORD: Now I'm going to use the santoku knife. This knife with the divots, they're

0:05 little indentations along the bottom of the blade right near the edge, make the knife

0:13 lighter and a little bit easier to wield. And this knife is a nice sharp one and is

0:24 good to use in slicing a tomato. A tomato is soft but it has the skin around it that

0:31 you don't want to tear so you want to make a nice precise slice. I'm going to slice this

0:36 tomato. We could chop it into wedges or dice it, let's slice this first one. Put it on

0:42 its side, wow that makes a really clean, look at that, a really clean slice. I'm impressed

0:52 by this knife. Nice and even look, look at that. I have a feeling this knife would slice

0:59 paper. I'm able to make paper-thin slices of tomato with this. Now even a really sharp

1:08 chef's knife is not going to do as beautiful a job as this santoku knife is doing. Beautiful.

1:16 If you want to slice tomato, I suggest you get yourself one of these. You see how I curved

1:24 my fingers in there. Keep your fingers away from the blade. You curve your fingers in

1:29 around the ingredient and slice. You don't want to hold it like this but like this. When

1:34 we come back we're going to use some vegetable knives.