How to Use a Rice Cooker


0:04 Hi my name is Paris Sourivang and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. I like to use

0:09 a rice cooker because it is fast, efficient and quick and easy to do. Pretty much you

0:15 plug it in and it comes out a bowl comes out in it, you put your rice in the bowl. You

0:28 could wash the excess rice in to the rice cooker. The only hard part

0:44 is getting the measurements right for rice. What my mom thought me is you add water to

0:52 it for a little while and see what it comes to. What you do finger in where the top of

1:01 your finger touches the rice and let the water hit your first line or first knuckle so when

1:09 I do that it shows the water has not hit so I need to add a little bit more water and

1:16 that is how you do it you have to hit the top of the rice to the tip of your finger

1:21 not the tip of your finger of the bottom of the bowl. So once that is in you put the rice

1:30 in the rice cooker. Standard rice cookers you just have to hit the bottom and it says

1:38 rice cook and you are done. You have to wait it takes usually to 30 minutes or so. Good

1:44 fried rice is made with a day old rice you could cook it 24 hours in advance put it in

1:50 the refrigerator and let it harden and let all the water evaporate and it becomes a hard

1:57 type of rice. Because what you are doing when you are cooking it you are putting liquids

2:01 back in the rice to make it softer and what you do not want to do is have the rice really

2:06 mushy when you are cooking it.