How to Use a Mezzaluna


0:00 LAURA BANFORD: This is a mezzaluna. It's called a mezzaluna because "mezza" means "part" and

0:07 "luna" means moon and it's shaped like a half moon. A mezzaluna has two blades and two handles

0:15 and the way you use it is to rock. When I was getting ready to do this segment today

0:23 I was looking for my mezzaluna that I've had for years and I couldn't find it. So I had

0:27 to go and search of another mezzaluna and I think I found the only one left in my town,

0:31 fortunately, so that I could introduce it to you because I think this is a nice little

0:36 gadget and type of knife. A mezzaluna is mostly used to chop herbs. You can chop vegetables

0:44 with it, I guess, but they would have to be thin, fine little vegetables and you're going

0:49 to get very fine pieces when you do this rocking motion. I have some absolutely gorgeous basil

0:57 here. And let's take a couple of basil leaves. There are other ways to cut basil, to chop

1:04 basil, but let's do it this way. What I would do with this is I would stack my basil leaves

1:10 like that. I'm going to make a little bit of a chiffonade and I could tell you just

1:15 handling these leaves, they smell terrific. A mezzaluna is not going to bruise the leaves.

1:22 It's nice and sharp and it's going to just slice them very beautifully without damaging

1:27 them or ruining them. Gonna take my leaves of basil and I'm going to say, slice them

1:39 like that. And look at that. This is a sharp blade. Now I have strips of basil. I don't

1:48 want to get my fingers too close to that blade because I know for first hand how sharp a

1:53 mezzaluna can be. Let's turn it sideways and cut it up a little more. And you're going

2:03 to end up with a nice basil chiffonade. They can sprinkle over your caprese salad. You

2:10 don't know what that is right? That delicious mozzarella and tomato salad with nice olive

2:15 oil and sprinkle your chiffonade of basil right over it and it's going to smell great

2:20 and it's going to look great. There you go. Let's try to do that with some parsley, and

2:28 parsley here. When you lay a mezzaluna down lay it on its side. Let's break off the ends.

2:36 And get a little bit of chiffonade of parsley, isn't it nice. You have to use a little bit

2:45 of force with this to really get it to work but that's okay because your hands are safely

2:50 on the handles. Ain't that great and more fun than chopping parsley, anybody can do

2:56 that. With your mezzaluna, you're going to have more fun and you're gonna, you can pretend

3:01 that you're in an Italian farm house kitchen because that's what they're doing there, I

3:07 can tell you that. When we come back going to do a few more miscellaneous tasks with

3:12 some knives.