How to Use a Flat Iron to Poof the Crown of Your Head


0:06 I'm extra and this is how to poof the

0:10 crown on your head with a flat iron well

0:13 first and foremost as you want to make

0:15 sure that you section and then you're

0:17 going to subsection with your flat iron

0:19 each section you want to use the flat

0:21 iron like a curling iron you were going

0:23 to kind of pull it towards the front and

0:25 back around into a big circle what

0:28 that's going to do is it's going to iron

0:30 that into the fashion of getting the

0:32 volume because the hair wants to go back

0:34 but if you're forcing in ironing it to

0:37 go forward it's going to give you more

0:38 lift to make a bump once you get all

0:41 your little sections which is usually

0:43 the crown the first may be about like

0:45 four or five inches from the top of your

0:48 head towards the back once you get done

0:51 ironing add a little bit of a tease and

0:54 come over or brush over and you have the

0:57 perfect bump using a flat iron

1:02 you