How to Understand Your Boyfriend

You love your boyfriend, or maybe just like him a lot, but as a girl its hard to understand them. Well, This guide from a boyfriend, not a woman's magazine who think they understand a how a man thinks will help you to stay calm, not get mad and realize that most guys are really easy to understand and keep happy.

Don't try to change your boyfriend, let him have his music and personality and everything, if you don't like it, then dump him. You should never try to change your significant other it will just lead to a rocky road down the way. There are somethings that are okay, such as making him do the dishes or something but his personality is his to change not yours.

Now you need to get into the male mind, and personally I have read all the female magazines that claim to tell you how a man thinks, but the article is written by a woman. Men frankly are very simple. Just take us at face value most of the time, if you play games with us we will play those games straight back at you.

Almost everything a man says he means, yes he will be sarcastic or facetious so get to understand his tone changes. Besides that he will say things to make you happy and be happy for that. Men need things to be straightforward and we will be straightforward with you.

The biggest thing with men is we are basically all still little kids, we think farts are funny, we think boobs are fun, and we sports, food, cars etc. We are responsible, but don't expect us to be 100% serious all the time we need to let loose.

That is basically it, just know we a generally kind hearted, sure there are bad seeds and quite a few, but generally keep things simple and we will too.

There are a few things that get on most guys nerves. 1. Double Standards, when you can do something that they can't 2. When women won't tell you why they are mad, we cannot read your mind 3. Don't expect us to know what you want from hints or anything close to that just tell us we like you to be direct.