How to Unclump Eyelashes

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In an attempt to make eyelashes appear fuller and longer, women use mascara. While mascara's oils, waxes and pigments help darken, lengthen and strengthen lashes, applying mascara has its downside: clumpy lashes. However, with a few basic tools and a steady hand, your lashes can be separated and looking good all day.

Place the eyelash comb up to your top eyelashes. Open your eyes wide and position the comb at the roots. Comb slowly upward in the center of the lashes.

Put the eyelash comb slightly to the right and comb upward again. Move the comb slightly to the left and brush upward. Repeat the combing action on the other eye.

Assess your lashes. If your lashes appear flaky, then dip a cotton swab in a bottle of eye makeup remover. Place the swab near the roots of the upper lashes. Sweep gently upward on the eye's upper lashes and downward on the lower lashes.

Turn the cotton swab over, and dip the clean end into the makeup remover bottle. Declump the lashes on the other eye by placing the cotton swab near the eyelash roots and slowly moving upward. Place the swab on the lower lashes and sweep downward.

Plug in a heated eyelash curler, and wait three minutes until warm. Place the curler as close to the eyelash roots as possible, and close the clasp. Slide the curler slowly and gently through the lashes on both eyes. The heat acts to soften and separate the lashes.

Go over your lashes with a clean eyelash brush. Start at the roots and gently wiggle upward and downward on both eyelashes. Each lash will be completely separated.