How to Twist the First Row to Knit Infinity Scarves

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Knit an infinity scarf to challenge your skills when it comes to knitting in the round. Infinity scarves are also called Moebius scarves, because they're one continuous circle with a twist in the middle. After you make the twist in the first round, you knit an infinity scarf the same way you would any other tube on circular needles. While it may seem that a simple twist in the circular cable would do it, the twist is in the stitches.

Cast your stitches onto circular needles according to the pattern you're using. The number of stitches and needle size doesn't affect the outcome of a Moebius scarf, although the twist will be more visible with a tighter stitch than an open, lacy stitch. Cast on one more stitch than the pattern calls for.

Locate the halfway point of your cast-on. Most Moebius patterns have an even number of stitches.

Twist the cast-on yarn between the two middle stitches. Half the stitches should face up; half should face down.

Reverse the needles so the one with the tail is on the needle in your left hand. Slip one stitch from the right needle to the left.

Insert the right needle through both the first cast-on stitch and the slip stitch and knit it as you normally would. Your infinity scarf is now joined and you can knit in the round as usual.