How to Twist Roots of Dreadlocks (locs)

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Making the decision to loc your hair means embracing an ongoing commitment. Maintaining locked hair requires twisting new growth at the root.

Items you will need

  • styling or holding hair care product i.e., gel, mousse, setting lotion or beeswax
  • plastic or metal hair clips
Step 1

Pick your product. Depending on your hair's texture or "grade", you may require any range of hold from minimal to maximum extra strength.

Step 2

Prevent Build Up. Whatever hair care product you decide works best for your hair, aim for products which create the least amount of build up. Try alcohol free styling gel, Loc and Twist gel, mousse or a setting lotion. Avoid heavy beeswax unless there is no alternative based on your hair type.

Step 3

Prepare Hair. Shampoo and condition your locs. Rinse your scalp and hair well and remember to wring out excess water. You may chose to lightly towel dry your hair, but don't dry it completely.

Step 4

Get twisting. While damp, add your styling or setting hair care product to the root of your locs one loc at a time. With your thumb and index finger, twist the unlocked hair at the root of your loc until the hair develops into a smooth coil.

Step 5

Immediately after twisting, secure the roots of each twisted loc with a small, plastic or metallic hair clip. Clips should remain in place until the hair is completely dry.

Step 6

Sit under a hooded dryer, use a hand held blow dryer or allow your hair to air dry. Remove all hair clips and let locs hang freely or style in a ponytail or up-do.


  • If your roots have "married" with the roots of other locs, gently separate the locs by pulling them apart.


  • Don't over twist your locs. Excessive twisting of the roots can weaken your locs and lead to breakage. Locs can snap off at the root if twisted too often.