How to Turn a Wedding Dress into a Quilt

How to Turn a Wedding Dress into a Quilt. After the wedding you won't wear your dress again, but you probably don't want to use it somehow. Instead of putting your wedding dress in a box or hanging it in a forgotten space in the closet, turn it into a quilt. You'll have something usable to remind you of your beautiful gown.

Find a reputable quilt maker to make your wedding dress quilt. Pick someone you trust since you'll only have this one chance to make it perfect.

Decide which pieces of the dress you'd most like to see on the quilt, for example the sequins or lace. The quilt maker will cut out these sections and add them to blocks of the quilt.

Use other fabrics in the quilt. Use one of the bridesmaids' dresses, your husband's tie or your purse to add color and texture to the quilt.

Consider having the whole dress put on a quilt. If you're not too fond of the idea of your wedding dress being cut to pieces, have the whole garment added intact to a quilt.

Give your wedding dress quilt to your children. It makes a great keepsake to be passed from generation to generation. Add the photos from your wedding so everyone knows how beautiful you looked in the dress.