How to Trim Your Eyebrows

Proper grooming goes beyond merely getting a haircut and shaving. Trimming your eyebrows is an important aspect of personal grooming. Unsightly eyebrows can actually distract people you are conversing with. Bushy, unshaped eyebrows may also cause you to look older than you actually are. Your eyebrows also shape your face and can compliment your physical features if trimmed properly. Fortunately, unruly eyebrows can be brought under control with scissors, tweezers and a little attention to detail.

Take a hot, steamy shower to soften your skin. This will make eyebrow hair more manageable for brushing and tweezing.

Use the eyebrow brush to brush hairs upward. Cut any hair that extends past your natural eyebrow line.

Place your index finger over the orbital bone above both eyes and snip any visible hairs.

Place a comb vertically along both sides of your nose. Mark a line on both sides demarcating the space between your eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil. Numb this area with ice and remove all hairs in this area with the tweezers.