How to Treat Your Guests at a Dinner Party

Almost everyone has attended a dinner party where they felt awkward. Still more people recall dinner parties where they didn't have a good time. Prevent unpleasant party situations for your guests with these awesome tips and find out how to treat your guests at a dinner party.

As guests arrive, greet them at the door. Take their coats, welcome them and make them feel at home. If there is an appetizer or wine table, show them to the table and allow them to mix and mingle.

If a guest arrives who doesn't know the majority of the people in the room, announce their presence and introduce them to everyone. This should help them feel more comfortable.

Serve your guests or allow guests to serve themselves if food has been placed on a serving table. Ask your guests often if they need more food or a beverage refill. Make sure that they are as comfortable as possible.

As you and your guests dine, play a "get to know each other" game. Have the guests go around the room and give a fun fact about themselves, their favorite things to do, where they would live if they could anywhere in the world and their worst or best cooking experience. This is a great ice breaker as well.

After dinner is served, offer your guests dessert. Have a dessert wine ready to serve in case a guest would like to pair wine with their dessert.