How to Treat Razor Bumps on the Neck

Razor bumps can be both painful and unsightly. They may occur anywhere on the body where you have shaved; however, they are quite common on the neck. Since the neck features uneven shaving terrain, the skin can be easily irritated. If you have razor bumps on your neck, you should avoid further irritation to the area until the bumps have healed. You can also employ several treatment methods to get rid of the razor bumps more quickly.

Wait a few days before shaving your neck again. If you shave over razor bumps, you will further irritate the area.

Wash your neck with an antibacterial cleanser. Dirt, sweat, oil and bacteria can all exacerbate razor bumps. An antibacterial cleanser will eliminate these contributing factors so your razor bumps can clear up more quickly.

Use a toner on your neck. The alcohol will kill bacteria and tighten pores, helping to improve your razor bumps. In lieu of a toner, you can also use an astringent or lotion that is designed to improve razor bumps.

Spread a thin layer of hydrocortisone cream on your neck. Choose a cream that contains 1 percent pure hydrocortisone in it. This will soothe irritation and help your razor bumps to disappear more quickly.

Apply antibiotic ointment to your razor bumps. This will prevent infection and expedite recovery.

Follow a regular skincare regime. If your skin is healthy, your current razor bumps will heal more quickly and it will reduce the likelihood of future razor bumps. Cleanse and moisturize your skin daily. Wear sunscreen on your neck whenever you go outside to protect against the sun's damaging rays.