How to To Avoid Getting Drunk Quicker Than Your Friends

by braniac ; Updated September 28, 2017

Drinking alcohol such as beer, wine, or hard liquor with your friends during a party can be embarassing at times, especially if your alcohol tolerance is low. Getting drunk quicker than your friends can be a potential trouble and an open sesame for your fellow drunk friends to make fun of you. Here are some tips on how to not avoid getting drunk quicker than your friends.

Plan ahead if you know that you and your friends are going to get drunk at a party. If you want to avoid getting drunk quicker than your friends, get a good night sleep the day before the drinking party, or if it is a short notice, take a nap. The better rest you have during the day, the less tired your body and mind is and the longer you will last when drinking alcohol with your friends.

Eat food that has a lot of fat the day of the party prior to drinking alcohol with your friends. Fat last longer in your stomach and it coats your stomach from alcohol, thereby reducing absorption of alcohol in your system. Never drink with an empty stomach. Aside from getting drunk faster, stomach and liver problems may result from drinking alcohol with an empty stomach. If you and your friends are planning to drink beer, it is wise to wait about an hour before starting to drink. Beer makes you full and if you drink with a full stomach right away, you will not be able to hold the beer longer than you are supposed to, or you may even vomit. If you are drinking hard liquor, it is not necessary to wait an hour before you drink. Hard liquor has less volume and it burns your stomach content fast.

When drinking alcohol with your friends, munch on something fatty such as pork rinds, peanuts, barbecue, shrimp, and so on, but do not over eat. These food will help neutralize your stomach's acidity caused by alcohol, aside from coating it. Drink water in between, but not too much. Water will help dilute the alcohol content in your body. Do not drink sodas or juices, this will make your blood thicker making the alcohol last longer in your system. The more you urinate, the better it is and the longer you will last when drinking with your friends.

Do not sit down for a long period of time. Stand up drinking as much as you can and be active. Try to walk around if it's not your turn to drink. Talk to visitors and friends. The more activity you do, the more you will get rid of the alcohol content in your body.

This last step is a little below the belt technique. Use this last step in case of emergency only. When I say emergency, it means that you already feel tipsy and drunk compared to your friends. However, it is necessary to do this to last longer when drinking alcohol with your friends. Distract your friends, when they are not looking, try to pour your beer or hard liquor under the table. Pour only a little bit so your friends won't notice. If you are drinking shooters with hard liquor, go to the restroom before your turn or walk away from the table. Put a piece of crumpled paper towel on both sides of your mouth and bite on it. When it's time for your shot glass, down the drink and wait about 10 seconds so your friends won't notice, then get up to spit the paper towel out. This technique will help reduce the amount of alcohol intake because the paper towel will absorb some of the alcohol drink from the shot glass. Do not do this with beer shots because of too much volume when drinking beer. If you are drinking beer from a can, puncture the can on the soft side with a needle or thumb tack making the beer leak gradually. When drinking the beer, cover the puncture hole with your finger so your friends won't notice your beer dripping or you can cover your beer with a napkin.