How to Tighten Loose Skin


0:01 Have you been looking for a way to tighten that loose skin? My name is Keeley Selvage

0:05 with Keeley Skin Solutions and I'm going to show you a couple of ways that you can do

0:10 that. First of all with my model here, I'm going to show you some exercises that you

0:14 can do with your face to tighten the skin. And the reason that works is because your

0:19 skin tissue is connected to the muscle in the face. Therefore when you tighten the muscle,

0:25 your tightening the skin as well. So first of all, with my model here, I want you to

0:30 take three fingers and put them underneath your brow bone, right there under your brows

0:34 and push up. Now push out and then up again. And that puts your brows right where you want

0:40 them. So you're going to hold them there for thirty seconds to a minute till your hands

0:45 get tired, wherever you want to do and repeat it as often as you can, morning and night

0:50 if you like. But you'll instantly feel a tightening effect right there on your brows. Okay. Also

0:55 what we want to do is to tighten this area under the chin. You want to put your neck

1:01 back so you feel it tight from your chin all the way to your clavical here. You're going

1:07 to turn to one side, open your mouth about an inch and push your chin forward. When you

1:13 do that you'll feel a good nice tight feeling right there under your neck. So that's kind

1:19 of, kind of help you with that double chin. So then you're going to relax, lift up again,

1:24 turn to the other side, open it an inch and push your chin forward and that's going to

1:29 help this side as well. Okay relax. Now also if you want to tighten the skin around the

1:36 top lip, you want to, and this is something you probably want to do by yourself, but put

1:40 your index fingers right here above your lip. Then you're going to stick your thumb in your

1:45 mouth and kind of stretch your lip, and they're all the way under the lip. There you go. Just

1:52 like that. Okay. So you're going to do that, hold it there; again as long as you can, a

1:58 minute at least and repeat it as often as you like. Okay, you can relax. My name is

2:04 Keeley Selvage with Keeley Skin Solutions and that is how you tighten the skin.