How to Tie Shoelaces

How to Tie Shoelaces. With the advent of Velcro-fastening shoes and a trend towards simply knotting the ends of laces to keep athletic shoes on one's feet, tying shoelaces could potentially become a lost skill. If you haven't mastered tying shoelaces yet or you've forgotten how, grab a shoe and give it a try.

Tie Shoelaces Using the Double Loop Method

Hold one end of the lace in each hand and make an "X" out of the shoelaces by crossing the right lace behind the left lace. Hold both shoelaces in your left hand where the laces cross.

Use your right hand to draw the left lace over and behind the right lace, pulling it through the center of the "X" to make a knot that lies flat against the shoe.

Create a large loop close to the shoe with each end of the lace and hold the bottom of each loop next to the shoe between your thumbs and index fingers. There should be no space between your loops and the shoe.

Make an "X" out of the loops by crossing the right loop behind the left and then transferring both shoelaces to your left hand, just as in Step 1.

Draw the left loop over and behind the right loop with your right hand, pulling it through the center of the "X" to make a bow that lies flat against the shoe. Your shoelaces are now tied firmly.

Tie Shoelaces Using the Single Loop Method

Start just as with the double loop method, and tie a knot that lies flat against the shoe.

Make a loop with the right shoelace, holding it next to your shoe in your right hand. Take the left lace in your left hand and wrap it counterclockwise around your right thumb and index finger.

Take the left lace between your left thumb and index finger. Push it through your counterclockwise wrap from underneath, with the index finger moving to where the thumb was. This forms a loop that comes through and matches the right loop already formed.

Pull tight the bow your have created to tie the shoelaces.