How to Tie Dockers Boat Shoes

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Dockers Boat Shoes, or "castaway" shoes, are a form of laced slip-on shoes with non-marking soles, which are designed for use on a boat. In recent decades, however, they have become a fashionable choice in footwear in the United States and Western Europe. Dockers Boat Shoes are tied using a specialized knot commonly known as the Eastland knot, which results in the laces holding themselves in place via two tightly wound coils outside the eyelets rather than a knot stretching across the tongue of the shoe.

Pull the shoelace tightly through the top two eyelets of the shoe.

Make a one-inch loop with one of the ends of the lace as close to the eyelet as possible. Bring the lace around the end of the loop and pinch it with your fingers.

Twist the lace around the loop as many times as the length of the lace will allow.

Pull the end of the lace through the remaining opening of the loop.

Slide the coiled lace down towards the eyelet and pull it tight to complete the Eastland knot.

Repeat Steps 2 through 5 with the end of the lace extending through the eyelet on the other side of the shoe.