How to Tie Bandanas for Boys

Bandanas image by Jim Mills from

Tying a bandana for a little boy can be a creative accessory for the little one to wear under a helmet when playing sports or as part of a Halloween costume, such as a pirate's outfit. You can easily tie a bandana on top of the head for a boy using a few folding techniques that will keep the bandana in place, and you can reinforce it with a rubber band to make sure it is secure.

Fold the bandana in half diagonally so you have a triangle shape. Press down on the crease so the folded bandana lays flat.

Wrap the bandana around the boy's head so that the two ends meet at the back of the scalp and the body of the bandana sticks up above his forehead in a triangle.

Fold the pointed tip of the triangle back toward the tied knot at the back of the scalp, and tuck the point under the tied knot so it stays in place.

Reinforce the tied knot by tying a rubber band around the knot, so it won't come undone even if the boy is running around.