How to Tie an Infinity Scarf Like a Bow


0:05 hi I'm Christy Prince Hale with impulse

0:08 design group and the publisher of kilala

0:10 your fashionably nerdy news and today

0:13 I'm going to show you how to tie a bow

0:14 using an infinity scarf now infinity

0:17 scarf she used to be a trendy piece but

0:19 now I highly recommend that every woman

0:22 have a Finiti scarf in your wardrobe and

0:25 have it become a classic piece because

0:28 they're really versatile and they're

0:29 completely functional and today I'm just

0:32 going to show you one other way that we

0:33 can use these versatile pieces so I've

0:35 got a fantastic infinity scarf here this

0:39 is from the gem collection and it is a

0:41 really great piece it's got a lot of

0:43 extra material so it's going to be great

0:45 to show you that any infinity scarf will

0:48 work so what we're gonna do is simply

0:50 pull the scarf all the way down and make

0:54 sure all the material is pulled down to

0:56 the front and we're going to be just

0:57 working with one side of the scarf and

0:59 this is really similar to just tie in

1:01 your own shoelaces so we're gonna take

1:03 one side and again just simply tie a bow

1:07 like you were tying your shoelaces we're

1:10 gonna gather one piece of material like

1:11 this put this other material right over

1:14 top and then we're gonna pull it through

1:18 just like you would if you were tying

1:20 your shoelaces alright now we will have

1:27 to kind of maneuver it a little bit and

1:28 make sure that the bow looks exactly

1:31 like a bow because this scarf like I

1:33 said has a lot of material

1:39 there we go and so there you have it we

1:43 have a nice bow and this is just a new

1:45 way to wear these great scarves that

1:47 should become classic pieces in the

1:49 ladies wardrobe so use those tips to tie

1:52 those infinity scarves in a bow and

1:54 you'll look great I'm Christie Prince

1:56 Hale with impulse design group and the

1:57 publisher of kala a lot your fashionably

2:00 nerdy news