How to Tie a Western Wild Rag

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Fashionable Western scarves, also known as wild rags, have served a multitude of purposes historically. While cowboy life has changed a lot over the years, the rags are still used practically and as a fashion accessory. Wild rags can be used to keep dirt out of the eyes while riding a horse, as a napkin or small blanket while camping, to cover a horse's eyes if it becomes scared, as a tourniquet and to repair minor problems with saddles. Wild rags are large, square scarves, a bit larger than a normal handkerchief. When you are finished tying the rag, it goes around your neck with a square knot that keeps it in place.

Fold the wild rag into a triangle and place it around your neck with the point facing down over your chest.

Wrap the left tail twice around the index and middle finger of your left hand. Pick up the right tail with your right hand and slip it through the loop you created with your left hand. The right tail should go over your fingers from the right side while in the loop and over the left tail coming from your neck.

Wrap the right tail around the left tail and pull it through the loop underneath the fingers of your left hand. The right tail should be coming out on the right side of the knot.

Wrap the right tail over your fingers once again. Go over the portion closest to the ends of your fingers and under the portion closest to your wrist to create a square knot. Pull to tighten, but make sure to pull evenly with both tails or the knot may look messy.