How to Tie a Western-Style Bandanna

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The bandanna, or bandana, is one of the staples of any Western outfit. Bandannas have many uses including protecting the neck from sunburn, preventing dust from entering the mouth and face, and some cowboys even use the kerchiefs to handle hot pots at a campsite. Pair a bandanna with authentic cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a fringed vest, and you’re ready for a day on the ranch or a fun costume party.

Fold into a triangle. Place the bandanna around your neck so equal lengths are hanging down on either side of your chest. Hold both ends with the right and left hands, respectively.

Bring the index finger of your left hand underneath the right length of the scarf. Wrap the right length up and around the finger to form a loop around the left finger.

Grab the remaining end of the right scarf with the pinky finger of the left hand and hold it firmly.

Reach underneath the right length of the bandanna and grab the left side of the scarf. Bring this length down through the scarf held between the index finger and pinky finger. Wrap it around the index finger on the left hand and bring the length of scarf up through the center.

Stick the right index finger through the new loop you just formed around the left index finger and locate the first loop you made around the index finger. This loop will be much tighter. Loosen it and pull it out through the middle of the second loop.

Pull the loop until you are able to stick the right index finger through the newly formed loop. Keep holding the bandanna tightly with your pinky finger during this step.

Grab the loose tail sitting in the center of the bandanna and stick it through the newly loosened loop. Pull it through and tighten the knot.