How to Tie a Western Silk Scarf

sillk scarves image by Adrian Hillman from

Wear Western silk scarves with formal wear, often under jackets or sometimes button-up shirts. Also known as a scarf tie, both men and women can wear this style to add a certain amount of flair to any outfit. While you can wear these scarves in a number of different ways, the most common way allows them to blossom out from the front of the outfit, showing off their often colorful, patterned design and silky feel.

Fold the silk scarf in half, lengthwise. Drape it around your neck and pull one side down, so that two-thirds of the scarf hangs off one shoulder.

Take the longer end of the silk, and wrap it around itself into a simple knot. Leave this knot loose so you can easily stick a finger through the knot.

Take the shorter end of the scarf and run it through the loose opening in the knot. This will pull the knot back toward you. Now, you can tuck the loose ends of the silk scarf into a shirt or jacket or let it hang loose in front of you, depending on what type of look you want with your outfit.