How to Tie a Turban or Head Wrap

Turbans and head wraps are different fashion accessories and are mostly used in different cultures as a way of life for thousands of years. They can be hard to get the hang of wrapping correctly, but once they are in place they stay put and you will not have to re-tie them. Males and females can wear turbans, and they can benefit the protection of your hair, keep it tied back out of your face and provide a fashion accessory to an outfit.

Find a long piece of fabric that you like that can be the turban or head wrap. Make sure the piece of fabric is at least 3 feet long and 1 foot wide. You can use the scissors to trim the fabric if it ends up too long.

Lay the fabric down on a flat surface. Roll it inward lengthwise.

Pick up the fabric and begin to wrap one side of it around your head, moving diagonally. Hold the other end in place with your other hand.

Roll out the fabric so it begins to flatten out with no creases and lays flat on your head. You have just completed the first wrap of the turban. Next, twist the fabric, and move it down around the forehead to create a bump or ridge.

Repeat this steps over and over, moving up on your head until you have run out of fabric. At this point, take the small remaining pieces and tuck them under the top of the turban or head wrap. It should rest securely and tightly. Secure it even further with bobby pins.