How to Tie a Rajasthani Turban

by Laura Pru ; Updated September 28, 2017

The traditional culture of Rajhasthan is reflected in the dress of Rajhasthani people.

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The traditional headgear of the men of the Rajhasthan province of India is composed of a length of cloth which is tied ceremoniously around the head. This is known as the "pagri" or turban and is the pride of the Rajhasthani man. It can be worn in different colors and styles for special occasions. Tying the turban is the work of the traditional "pagriband" or turban expert, but in Rajhasthan every man can tie the turban with dexterity.

Hold one end of the cloth and twist it slightly to make it look fuller. Hold one end just over your ear and take it once completely around the head, securing the open end firmly so it gives a good hold to the turban.

Now twirl the remainder of the cloth slightly and keep taking it around the already held base in various angles. Make sure the turban edges are held in place by constant tucking.

When you have used the whole length of the cloth, tuck the end of it firmly under the base which should be around the forehead. The turban has been successfully tied if it holds up without the need to hold it with hands.


  • It is easier to work with cotton -- it has a good grip and is lightweight. Once the first circle around the forehead is firm, the rest of the turban is easy -- it just settles on the strong base.

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