How to Tie a Necktie For Beginners

by Contributing Writer ; Updated September 28, 2017

Need to learn how to tie a tie the easy way? Look no further. In only seven easy steps, you will be a pro, using easy visuals to help.

With the wide end "W" extending about 12 inches below the narrow end "N," cross the wide end "W" over the narrow end, "N."

Bring the wide end "W" up through the loop between the collar and your tie, then back down.

Pull the wide end "W" underneath the narrow end, "N" and to the right, back through the loop and to the right again, so that the wide end "W" is inside out.

Bring the wide end "W" across the front from right to left.

Bring the wide end "W" up through the loop again.

Bring the wide end "W" down through the knot in front.

Using both hands, tighten the knot carefully and then draw it up to the collar.


  • This is the Windsor knot; other similar techniques are just as easy. Stand in front of a mirror while doing this, so you can see exactly what you are doing. The Windsor Knot is a tie that projects confidence, and is best used for presentations, job interviews and the like. It is best suited for spread collar shirts. The Windsor knot looks better on men with long necks, as its wide form shortens the perceived height of the neck a bit.

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