How to Tie a Headscarf in the Ribbon Style

by Contributing Writer

This head scarf style adds flowing length without need for a hair brush. Maintenance-free elegance.


The headscarf is an accessory that has unlimited uses if you use your imagination. The ribbon style is a beautiful, free-flowing way to cover your hair with a scarf. It’s effortlessly gorgeous! What's more, it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Step 1

Place scarf over your head with both sides at an equal length.

Step 2

Tie two side corners together at the back of your head. Pull them over the middle section of the hanging scarf.

Step 3

Pull the middle section of the scarf out a little to loosen it, but keep its end securely tucked into the tie.

Step 4

Wrap the tail of the scarf around the protruding snood you’ve created with the middle part of the scarf.

Step 5

Take the other tail, and wrap it around the middle as well. Create a formed, protruding bun.

Step 6

Wrap both ends around the bun once more before tying them together beneath the bun at the base of your head. The “ribbon” tails should hang beautifully.


  • If you’d rather not have the “ribbons” hanging in the back, just continue wrapping the two tails a few times around the bun until you’ve reached the end of the tails’ fabric. After that, tuck the two ends into the band you created around the bun.


  • Take your time in doing this to make sure it looks fantastic!

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