How to Tie a Headscarf in the Ribbon Style


The headscarf is an accessory that has unlimited uses if you use your imagination. The ribbon style is a beautiful, free-flowing way to cover your hair with a scarf. It’s effortlessly gorgeous! What's more, it only takes a couple of minutes to do.

Place scarf over your head with both sides at an equal length.

Tie two side corners together at the back of your head. Pull them over the middle section of the hanging scarf.

Pull the middle section of the scarf out a little to loosen it, but keep its end securely tucked into the tie.

Wrap the tail of the scarf around the protruding snood you’ve created with the middle part of the scarf.

Take the other tail, and wrap it around the middle as well. Create a formed, protruding bun.

Wrap both ends around the bun once more before tying them together beneath the bun at the base of your head. The “ribbon” tails should hang beautifully.