How to Tie a Hawaiian Fish Hook Images

Hawaiian fishhooks stem from ancient times on the islands. At the time, the hooks were made of bone or wood and carved to have almost a T-shape on the end. Today, the hooks are made of a variety of materials for decoration or jewelry. The hooks have come to be seen as a symbol of Polynesian culture.

Measure the tying material to the length you wish it to be. Remember it will be doubled up, as it has to make a circle to hang around your neck or wrist.

Fold the string in half. This helps you to find the middle of the rope as well as creating the tying segment.

Place the fishhook about 1/4 inch from the bent segment of the string. You will place the hook so the “T” segment is above both the strings as it lies on top of them. The rest of the hook will lie on top of both sides of the string.

Take both ends of the rope or string and fold them over the hook, threading them through the loop in the middle. Be sure the “T” portion stays above the string.

Pull the ends tight, bringing the loop to a close, wrapping around the hook. The “T” makes the knot solid, as the part the string wraps around is thinner than the top portion of the hook.