How to Tie a Full Windsor Knot


0:00 Hi, my name's Mark Breaux, I've been working in men's tailored clothing for about twenty-five

0:05 years now, and I'm going to demonstrate how to tie a full Windsor knot. This tie is a

0:12 fairly full knot, a little wider at the top of the knot, it gives you a full presentation,

0:18 it works very well with a spread collar or a cutaway collar. It also performs very nicely

0:24 on just a straight point collar such as I'm wearing. First off what you want to do, start

0:30 out, gauge your length of your tie, and that just takes some practice, you cross the tie

0:35 over, then the way you want to do this, the way you want to look at it is you want to

0:40 wrap this part of your tie around both legs of this neck, or that goes around your neck.

0:49 First you go up through so it's wrapped around that one, and then you push it around the

0:55 back, keep the seam formatted towards the knot, and then you pull that a little snug

1:01 and then you go around that leg. Then you pull it off back through that side and it

1:09 forms a small triangle there, that gives you your base of your knot, then you cross over

1:14 the face, up through the neck, and then down through the face. And you just pull that down

1:28 until it gets snug. Also the face the tie is going to want to run up above the knot,

1:33 what you have to do is you have to take and pull that down, sometimes you have to push

1:38 on the bottom of the knot to get it rotated and get it dressed correctly so it's uniform.

1:44 Then you put the dimple in the knot, and then you just tighten it up, and there you have

1:51 your full Windsor.