How to Tie a Dress Sash

A dress sash is one accessory that can make a dramatic impact on your outfit. While there are many ways to tie a sash, a simple bow may be all you need to look your best. Learning how to tie a bow that has clean lines may take some practice, but it's worth it when you want to add texture and contrast to a dress.

Place the dress sash around your waist. Decide where you want to place the bow. If you want to create a bow in the back, tie it in front so you can see what you're doing. After completing the bow, turn the sash so the bow will be in the back.

Take the right side of the sash and cross underneath the left side. Wrap the right side around the left side one time. The right side should now be shorter than the left.

Bend the left side to create the first loop of the bow. Place the loop underneath the right side. You will notice that by doing this, you've created a small pocket. Take the right side and go through the pocket to create a second loop.

Tighten the bow to straighten it out. It should lie flat and have two loops that are proportionate to one another.

Move the sash so the bow can rest where you would like it to on your dress.