How to Throw a Star Wars Party That's Out of This Galaxy

by Kersey Campbell ; Updated August 31, 2017

If your kid is anything like mine, it's nothing but Star Wars all day, every day. So naturally, he had to have a Star Wars party for his birthday. I wanted the party to be fun, have big impact and, even more importantly, be pretty affordable! With these tips you too can throw a super fun, stress-free, budget-friendly party that is totally out of this galaxy.

Set Up a Food Table Fit for a Jedi

To start, the food table! I created this fun poster to let people know as soon as they entered that they were at a Star Wars party. I printed the poster at Staples as a color engineer print. It only costs a few dollars, looks great and makes a great impact! I used sticky tack to mount it to the wall, but you could use mounting squares for an even more secure hold. For a bit more decor, I added a few balloons to each side of the table and used a roll of black plastic tablecloth to cover it. Why a roll? Because there are no wrinkles to try to get out and you can cut it to size so it looks perfect.

For the food, we just went with whatever the birthday boy requested! No meal required, just some tasty snacks for your little Jedi. My little guy requested blood oranges (because they looked like planets to him) and some chips and drinks. You could make some chocolate dipped pretzels that look like lightsabers, or use ordinary food and make little signs that are themed. Something like "Wookie Cookies" would be a huge hit — and super easy!

I found these lightsaber cupcake picks, and they were a huge hit! The kids loved picking out their favorite lightsaber color and using them as props in front of the photo backdrop (they made a great goody for guests to take home after the party, too). If you don't want to purchase cupcake toppers, you could easily create your own using food-safe paint and toothpicks (be sure to cut down the pointy tips, though!).

Decorate with a Touch of the Dark Side

I knew that I wanted to have minimal decorations and nothing super cheesy. To make a big impact, I rented a helium tank and filled up as many balloons as I could! What kid doesn't love balloons? I used a mix of black and white (for the light and dark side) and I threw in some silver star balloons to bring in the whole star theme. It took a little bit of time to inflate them all, but in the end, they made the perfect decorations and most of the kids took a couple home, so there were hardly any leftover to clean up! I call that a win-win!

Incorporate Toys for Low-Budget Decor

For a little more decor, I used some of my son's toys. I picked just a few pieces that would stand out and add to the party rather than distract from it. Using toys you already have also helps with the budget, as well as creates built-in entertainment for your little party guests! For goody bags, we found these tote bags for $1 at our local Target, so we grabbed a few of those and the kids got to use them to collect their candy from the piñata. If you can't find the same totes or want different ones, this tote is a little more expensive, but looks like a great option! Or, if you want to go the DIY route, you could purchase some plain canvas totes from a craft store, some fabric paints and let the kids create their own Star Wars totes. Easy, cheap and the kids will love the activity.

Create a Silver Screen-Worthy Backdrop

I knew that I wanted to have a fun backdrop that everyone could pose in front of, take a photo and have a memory! To make the backdrop, I used a rolled (not folded!) black plastic table cloth. I attached the tablecloth to the wall with some mounting strips and used a white paint pen to quickly make a bunch of dots on it! The goal was to make it look like the opening shot from all the Star Wars movies. Then, I taped a Star Wars poster onto the tablecloth. You can download the design and take it to Staples where they print really affordable color engineer prints. It took just a few minutes and made the decor look legit. The backdrop was a hit with everyone! We even had an adorable little girl dressed up like Leia pose in front of it with her hair buns. So cute!

Make a Lightsaber Piñata Stick

This was probably the party favorite! My son had the brilliant idea to make a piñata stick that looks like a lightsaber. It was so easy and everyone loved it!

Purchase a dowel rod from your local craft store and paint it green, blue or red. I painted ours green because it just had to look like Luke's lightsaber!

Once the paint is dry, use shiny metallic duct tape to cover the bottom portion of the stick. Then, use a black permanent marker and some red paint to add a few lightsaber details. It only takes a few minutes to make and it is the perfect thing to use with the piñata!

And a total bonus, the guest of honor will love playing with the lightsaber at home after the party!

Set up your piñata and let your young Jedi wield the Force to unleash the candy! I got the piñata at the party store, but you can easily make your own using this tutorial (with a few creative modifications to create Darth Vader's shape).

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