How to Throw a Lingerie Shower

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Throwing a bride-to-be a lingerie shower is a fun way to get all of her girlfriends together before the big day. With a little bit of planning, the lingerie shower will not only give her wonderful gifts to use on her honeymoon, but also provide a memory to last a lifetime.

Clear the idea of a lingerie shower with either the bride or someone very close to the bride before any more planning is done. Some women will not like the idea and you don't want to throw a shower in which the bride is uncomfortable the entire time.

Set a date for the lingerie shower as soon as possible. Planning a wedding is an extremely busy time in a person's life. The bride's time is consumed with the planning, showers, rehearsals and more, and her free time is fairly limited the closer it gets to the big day.

Decide if you want to bring in someone from an adult home party business to help. In these parties, someone from the business comes in with a catalog of products that the bride and other guests can choose from. A bride can make a wishlist or gusts can just contribute money so that she can buy whatever she wants. If you or the bride do not want to go that route, it can be a more traditional party in which the guests bring gifts.

Pick a location. The best place for a lingerie shower is in the privacy of a home. You probably would not want your sexiest undergarments to be shown to the whole world and neither will the bride.

Make your guest list. This might be a fun party for girlfriends of the bride only. Grandma might not have a lot of fun looking at the cute thong that her granddaughter just received.

Send out your invitations. If you are trying to save a little bit of money, you can use a free service such as, or make an event on Facebook. The invitations need to include the date, time, location and a small wish list of the bride if you are not using the help of a home party service. You can include her undergarment size if she is willing. If not, emphasize gift cards, lotions, massage oils, candles and other lingerie shower-appropriate gifts.

Get some goodies for your shower. You can have as much fun with this as you think the bride can handle. is a good place to visit for party favor ideas.

Come up with some good games to play during the shower. One fun game involves someone writing down the first thing that the bride says as she opens her gifts -- hopefully the bride will have no idea that the person is doing this. After all of the gifts are open, the person who was writing stands up and says, "This is what will be heard if you stand outside the door on their wedding night!" She will then repeat the phrases the bride said as she opened her gifts.