How to throw a highlighter party

Colored Highlighters image by Jim Mills from

A highlighter party is a great theme party that people of any age can enjoy. It only requires a small amount of time and money. Guests dress up in white shirts and write on each other and on walls with highlighter markers. Blacklight bulbs make the highlighter writing glow.

Replace your normal incandescent light bulbs with blacklight bulbs. Make sure to have blacklight bulbs in each of the rooms for the party.

Hang industrial-size sheets of paper on the walls. Encourage guests write on the walls with highlighters. Frame the paper with black tape to differentiate where the paper ends and the walls begin.

Pass out highlighters to the guests. Most guests will not bring highlighters, so you will need to provide them. Most stores sell assorted bundles of highlighters--those are the best.

Pass out glow sticks and glow necklaces. This is a nice party favor for the guests. Use the glow sticks to mark important parts of your house, such as the refrigerator and bathroom door.

Close the blinds or cover your windows. Outside light will make the highlighter effect much less vibrant.