How to throw a hair party- ladies night

You have exhausted all of the different venues in town and the ladies want to hold an event that will benefit everyone. You want to throw a hair party. An evening of beauty and fashion tips held at your local salon. Here is how you plan it.

Start of by preparing the environment for your group event. Decorate according to your theme.

Start the evening by greeting and handing out drinks, food and discussing what is going to happen that evening.

A hair stylist to speak with your group is great. Get them to talk about the concerns of the group. Whether it be general hair care or facial shapes and the best hairstyles for you. Or make it a hands on evening where the group gets to test several hair styling products that they have not experienced yet. Salons are constantly introducing new treatments or services, get them to offer them for the event at no cost.

At the end of the evening if it is held in a salon, have the salon give your group discounted coupons for future services.

All in all make it a fun evening, that is enjoyed by all.