How to Throw a Green Fun St. Patrick's Day Party

by Holidays & Celebrations Editor

Items you will need

  • Shamrock Decorations
  • Green Cookies And Candy
  • Green Shamrock Mylar Balloons
  • Irish Beers
  • Movies
  • Green String Lights
  • CDs Of Irish Pub Songs
  • Lime Jell-O®
  • Green Balloons

How to Throw a Green Fun St. Patrick's Day Party. St Patrick's Day is the perfect time to put on your leprechaun hat and serve up the green beer.

Step 1

Think green and silly when it comes to decorations. Put up green cutouts of shamrocks and leprechauns on the walls and in the windows. Blow up a few dozen green balloons and pile them into corners.

Step 2

Tie a few green mylar shamrock balloons to the front of the house or the front gate and screw a green "party" lightbulb into the outside light so that your guests will know where the party is.

Step 3

String green Christmas tree lights (available year-round via the Internet) across the ceiling.

Step 4

Place a big rock (or fake papier maché rock) right inside the entrance with a sign that says, "BLARNEY STONE - KISS FOR GOOD LUCK."

Step 5

Pass out "Kiss me, I'm Irish" buttons to your guests as they arrive. Make everyone wear them.

Step 6

Create a table of green munchies, including green cookies, green M&Ms and chips with guacamole (See "How to Make Food Green for St. Patrick's Day," Related eHows). Serve them out of green plastic leprechaun hats.

Step 7

Set tables with green tablecloths, napkins and cups and sprinkle shamrock confetti on tables and other flat surfaces.

Step 8

Serve both a traditional Irish beer (such as Guinness) and a cheaper light beer that you can dye green with food coloring; don't forget the green Jell-O shots!

Step 9

Hold a limerick contest - after people have had a few drinks - and award a silly prize to the winner.

Step 10

Buy a CD of classic Irish pub songs and have it playing in the background and/or rent the horror movie "Leprechaun" and have it playing (with the sound muted) on your TV.


  • Beers such as Guinness are meant to be served at room temperature, but not what Americans consider room temperature. Guinness should be served at about 60 degrees F. You may be able to order a keg of green beer from your local brewery or liquor store.


  • Make sure that either you or someone you trust is a designated driver. Give rides to anyone who has had too much to drink, and tell them that you will deliver their cars to them in the morning.