How to Throw a Final Four Party

How to Throw a Final Four Party. A Final Four party lets you and your friends revel in the last tension-filled moments of March Madness.

Settle on a good party start time. The Final Four always occurs on a Saturday, typically the first last Saturday in March or first Saturday in April. Have everyone arrive before the first game starts. Typically, the first of the two semifinal games begins in the afternoon.

Throw the party at the house of someone who has a widescreen TV, preferably in high definition since all of the NCAA tournament games are broadcast in HD.

Decorate the house with basketball paraphernalia. Hang a real basketball goal or two in the main party room, if possible. Post an NCAA tournament bracket, filled in with the winners, on the wall near the TV for viewing.

Make sure to decorate the room with paraphernalia of the team you want to win it all. For the opponents, post signs saying things that mock them, such as "Gator Haters" or "DUKE" with the D and E crossed out.

Keep a TV (or at least a radio) tuned to the game in the bathroom.

Order several cold cut, veggie and cheese trays from the local deli and set them all up, along with a few bowls of chips and crackers, on a table within sight of the television.

Have basketball themes for everything used in the party, from plates and cups to balloons and the clothes you wear.

Fill a cooler with ice and stow several six-packs of beer and soda in it so people don't have to get up and miss part of the game when they want another drink.