How to Thread a Perfect Stitch Pro Sewing Machine

several bobbins with colorful cooton threads image by Maria Brzostowska from

Correctly threading the Perfect Stitch Pro Sewing Machine can make the difference between fixing your hems and ripped clothing in a flash and further ruining your clothing. The Perfect Stitch sewing machine is a portable machine that can be carried in your purse, backpack or tote bag and can be used in a flash. Threading the machine requires knowledge of a sewing machine and sewing terms. Knowing how to thread the machine will help you avoid a potentially risqué circumstance.

Thread the bobbin manually by taking thread from the spool, cutting the thread and wrapping it around the bobbin. The metal bobbin stores the needed thread without tangling it.

Place the full bobbin on the pole on the side of the sewing machine. The pole is usually on the left side of the sewing machine, if you are looking at the machine from the back. Unspool 4 to 5 inches of thread from the bobbin.

Pull up on the arm that holds the needle to give you more room. Thread the needle with the loose thread from the bobbin. If you have trouble threading the needle, lick the end of the thread to stiffen it.

Pull the thread so a few inches of thread hangs out on the other side of the sewing machine.

Close the expandable arm to complete the threading of the Perfect Stitch Pro.