How to Thin Eyebrow Hair

by Sarah Mollman ; Updated September 28, 2017

Lose the bushy brows with three simple tools.

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Maintaining eye contact with others is important. Unfortunately, this can be a difficult task for some if they are distracted by a thick pair of bushy eyebrows staring back at them. Do not be that person with out-of-control brows. There is a way to easily thin out your eyebrows and maintain them, keeping all eyes on yours, not your excess hair.

Pluck excess eyebrow hairs with the eyebrow tweezers. Pluck hairs that are lingering underneath your natural brow line, but do not pluck hairs that are at the top of your brow. If you have a very thick brow, you can thin it out by plucking an entire row of hairs from the bottom of the brow. If you find this step to be painful, apply ice to your eyebrows.

Brush all of your eyebrow hairs upward using an eyebrow comb. Make each hair extend to its longest length.

Carefully trim the tips of the hairs that appear too long by using a small pair of eyebrow scissors. Start out by trimming off the smallest amount possible and then trim more if necessary.

Wipe away the trimmed hairs with your hand. Brush your newly trimmed eyebrows with the eyebrow brush. This time you should brush them from the inside out.

Check your newly trimmed eyebrows in a mirror. If you feel they are still too bushy, repeat any steps that you feel will get you to the point of perfection.


  • Take your time. It is best to thin out hairs little by little. You do not want to go from bushy to bald.

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