How to Tell if She Uses Botox

How to Tell if She Uses Botox. Personal cosmetic enhancements are all the rage in society today. Procedures such face-lifts, breast enhancements, hair transplants, and liposuction are more common than ever before. One of the more popular noninvasive procedures is Botox injection. However, telling if someone is getting Botox treatments takes a discerning eye.

Check for small red or bruised marks around the eyes and lips. Those are common areas for a Botox treatment. The Botox is injected and can leave a mark for a few days after the injection.

Take notice if a person's lips suddenly appear fuller and smoother. A common Botox treatment area is the lips so that they have a more full and pouty look. If the look and composition of the lips suddenly changes over the course of a few days, the person could be using Botox.

Observe noticeable changes in the skin around the eyes. Botox is also used to smooth out laugh and worry lines in the corner of the eyes. If a person shows up one day and those lines are gone or noticeably reduced, then chances are good that she is using Botox.

Confirm that a person's skin composition around the eyes and mouth starts to deteriorate after 3 to 8 months. This is the typical life span after a Botox injection. The effects are not permanent, so either the skin goes back to normal or a person goes back for another treatment.

Verify that the person has had a noticeable change in attitude. Often after a cosmetic treatment, a person will become more confident and outgoing.