How to Tell If He Is Not Interested in You

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Maintaining a good relationship takes time. However, your time is valuable, and you don't want to waste it on a man who isn't interested in you. Some men may not be forthright about their feelings -- or lack thereof -- in fear of hurting you. Instead, they may pull away in other ways. Knowing how to tell if a man isn't interested can save you both from trying to maintain a relationship that wasn't meant to be.

He Avoids You

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Probably the most obvious sign that a guy isn't interested in being with you is if he avoids you. He doesn't answer your texts right away or return your calls within a day or so, and he makes excuses as to why he can't make it to your coffee date after all. If you do manage to run into him, he might tell you he needs to be somewhere else. And if you ask him to go with you to a movie or other function, he will make an excuse as to why he can't go -- without asking for a rain check.

He Minimizes You

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A guy who refuses to introduce you -- or makes excuses to avoid introducing you -- to his family and close friends is probably not interested in a serious relationship with you, according to bestselling author Steve Friedman in a article titled "5 Signs He's Not That Into You." And if you do ever get to meet any of the important people in his life, he might introduce you as a friend or co-worker rather than a girlfriend. He might also make excuses to avoid meeting your family or other important people in your life. Check his social media pages, too -- if he never mentions you, posts pictures of you and if his status is set to "single," chances are he is not interested in pursuing a relationship with you.

He Pulls Away From You

Body language can be a big indicator of whether a guy is interested in you. If he looks away when you are talking, folds his arms instead of taking your hand or leans away instead of putting an arm around your shoulders, he is probably not that into you. Other bodily clues that indicate a lack of interest include checking his phone often when you are out together, not letting you see his phone at all and even talking about his ex in an attempt to create some emotional as well as physical distance between the two of you.

He Is Not Considerate of You

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If your guy never plans dates more than a day or so in advance, he is either an on-call heart surgeon -- in which case, you might want to just put up with it -- or he isn't interested in becoming serious. And when you do have a date, he might be late, or he might ask to change your original romantic dinner date to a more casual cup of coffee. Another sign is if he has no interest in your social life at all. If he asks you to do all the planning and doesn't seem to care what you do, he might be emotionally checking out of the relationship -- if you even had one in the first place.